Effective Cleaning

Effective Cleaning….

One of the biggest differences between commercial and domestic cleaning, is that there is so much more at stake.

If the cleaning at home is missed for a few days it’s no big deal, it can be caught up another day.  However, when your business relies on the cleanliness of the workplace it can really make a difference not just to staff members but to your customers as well.  From the most basic of things such as ensuring obstacles and trip hazards are removed and rubbish is collected regularly, to implementing an effective cleaning schedule.

Ensuring you have the correct hygiene products is vital to maintaining a healthy working environment.

So, hand hygiene is important to reduce the transmission of infections, invest in products that make it easy for everyone to make it part of their routine.  Surface wipes are also crucial to help with quick and effective cleaning, but they need to be used correctly.  It may sound like an obvious thing, but it really can make a difference, see the link below to show you the best and most effective way to do it.

See our video on Effective Cleaning – click Here



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