Someone installing Surfaceskins: the door-push disinfectant pads

Surfaceskins: the door-push disinfectant pads proven to be effective against Coronavirus. Do you need this innovative product in your life?

Did you know there are three simple steps you can take regularly to ensure optimal hygiene for your hands? Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel in between washes and apply your favourite moisturiser to keep your skin soft, healthy and hydrated. But in the age of Coronavirus, you’ve probably already got that covered, right?

Well, you might consider yourself the King or Queen of keeping it clean but as we see life begin to return to a semblance of what it once was, more and more of us are flocking back to the office, our schools and gyms. Meaning the chances you’ll come face-to-face (or in this case hand-to-hand!) with illness-inducing germs, bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 rise rapidly, with the surfaces we come into daily contact with posing a risk that even the most strident social distancer among us can’t avoid forever. If that’s enough to make you frantically grab for your 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel, fear not, for we have a cutting-edge new product for you, specifically developed to fix that very problem.

Surfaceskins door-push disinfectant pads, engineered by infection control experts and scientists, were created to address a very specific issue: to reduce the transmission of germs in the vital seconds between repeated door contact. With over 5 years of development under their belt, and intensive testing in NHS hospitals, laboratories and schools, Surfaceskins are the low cost and user-friendly innovation with a key role to play in future infection control.

But what are they, and how do they work? Surfaceskins are push pads for doors that, after quick and easy installation, self-disinfect on contact to stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. With contact time between users often being mere seconds, it only takes one person depositing germs on a surface to put others at risk – Surfaceskins help break that chain of infection. With each press of Surfaceskins patented push pad, the vicro-valved top sheet releases a precise amount of alcohol-based gel, disinfecting the top surface in seconds before the next next person passes through.

These ingenious door-push pads solve a serious infection control issue and have even been proven to increase the use of sanitiser gel usage by up to 80%, complementing existing hand hygiene and promoting a healthier environment for all. Moreover, these low-cost pads have demonstrated to be effective against Coronavirus, making them an excellent addition to your workplace, school and office. But please note, these door-push pads do not clean hands, they are designed to kill bacteria the moment its deposited on the door, preventing transmission to the next user. For optimal hand health, we always recommend the three steps listed above: wash your hands with soap and water, use hand sanitiser between washes and moistuise. Do this thoroughly and frequently for clean and healthy hands everytime!

And if the all-new Surfaceskins have merely whet your appetite for the latest in hand hygiene and sanitisation, you can view our entire product range here. We have everything you need to keep your hands, surfaces and loved ones free from germs and bacteria – all under one roof for your convenience.

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