Using disinfectant spray to sanitise a surface

Disinfectant spray: 3 recommendations by us, the experts in hygiene

Like most people, we like to consider ourselves good at keeping things clean: whether that be our homes, our families, our pets or our hands – and as Coronavirus struck globally, disrupting our daily routines and forcing the nation to think more about hygiene, keeping things clean has quickly become a point of priority more than pride. According to a recent article by Johns Hopkins University, the virus that causes COVID-19 has been found to live on surfaces and in the air anytime between several hours and several days. But, with good, regular cleaning practices, you can help reduce the risk and keep you and the ones you love safe. So, with this in mind, here’s our list of recommendations that we think you should consider before your next disinfectant spray purchase. Every product is tried, tested and recommended by us, experts for over 34 years.

But why specifically disinfectant spray? Well, put simply, the use of sprays allow for larger surface areas to be disinfected with each pump, eradicating more bacteria and viruses in your home, workplace or wherever you need clean, sanitised surfaces. But don’t take their effectiveness for granted – while many disinfectant sprays kill bacteria in as little as 10 seconds, it’s important not to wipe the solution away immediately so make sure you’re giving it enough time to make short work of any germs. Now, without further delay, here are the 3 disinfectant sprays we think you should be popping on your shopping list.

  1. Clinell Universal Disinfectant Spray is a fantastic all-rounder to add to your cleaning repertoire. Proven to kill at least 99.999% of pathogens in as little as 10 seconds (including norovirus within one minute and reducing instances of MRSA by 55%), this spray cleans and disinfects surfaces in one step. Its near-neutral PH formula also ensures excellent material compatibility and is perfect for use in all rooms of your home and workplace. This disinfectant spray also comes in a handy little travel bottle, ideal for popping in your bag or car for cleaning on the go!
  2. Purell Surface Sanitising Spray is an effective and convenient product developed specifically for use on food contact surfaces that requires no rinsing and leaves behind no residue. Made with naturally-derived ingredients, this fast-acting spray gets to work in as little as 30 seconds, while its high antimicrobial efficacy (bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal) kills Norovirus, E.Coli and Salmonella. This go-to disinfectant spray is a great option for granting you peace of mind when sanitising your kitchen surfaces.
  3. Clinell Antimicrobial Spray for Hands and Surfaces is the last recommendation on our list – like all Clinell sprays, this disinfectant is proven to work in just 10 seconds and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. A staple in care homes and hospitals, this multi-tasking product is safe for use on hands as well as surfaces and is superb for busy healthcare professionals. The formula contains aloe-vera, which helps to maintain hand health and moisture levels, for effective cleaning without soap and water. Unlike alcohol hand sanitiser gels, these antimicrobial sprays clean and disinfect hands (and surfaces) in one step – a truly flexible product.

We think any of these products (or all three!) would make an excellent choice for your next disinfectant spray purchase. But if these haven’t convinced you, or you just want to see what else we offer, you can check out our full product range here. We sell everything you need to keep you and your surroundings clean as can be, all under one roof.

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