HySpray Disinfectant Misting Spray

Hydrogen Peroxide for room decontamination? Try Hymetec’s Disinfectant Misting Sprayer for a deep clean

What is the Hymetec HySpray 230v Disinfectant Misting Sprayer?

The latest innovation from Hymetec, the HySpray 230v disinfectant misting sprayer (seen here in apple green) is a hands-free product that provides the rapid sanitisation of rooms through H202 misting. The HySpray uses a cold-mist method that, despite its low concentration, effectively kills germs – leaving behind perfectly safe, clean and decontaminated rooms.

This light and mobile disinfectant misting spray uses a solution based on 7% hydrogen peroxide, making it ideal for medical environments such as GP offices, emergency rooms, dental clinics and veterinary surgeries. But, as we continue to live through the Coronavirus pandemic and good hygiene practices remain top-priority for everyone (not just those in the medical field!), you may be looking for a quick and efficient way to keep you and the people in your care safe from bacteria. In that case, the HySpray 230v is the perfect device to use in schools, gyms, shops and offices – no matter what room you have in mind, you’ll find the HySpray system suitable for the task.

But how does it work? Using a maintenance-free gasification technology (venturi effect), the HySpray 230v works by misting the specifically developed hydrogen peroxide solution into the air. Simply set the size of the area you wish to disinfect and the powerful and ergonomic machine gets to work, disinfecting volumes from 5m³ to 165m³ in under an hour.

And if the HySpray 230v ticks all your boxes, but the apple green colour just isn’t for you, check out the alternative colour ranges in blue and pink.

How do I use it?

So, now that you know all the benefits a disinfectant misting sprayer can offer, how do you actually use it? Read on for our step-by-step guide to using your HySpray 230v properly.

Prepare the room.

Pop your HySpray 230v appliance on a stable, secure surface such as a trolley. Ensure all windows are securely closed and open any closet doors and wardrobes to guarantee a thorough and deep clean.

Attach the HySpray disinfectant.

Unscrew the head of the spraying pipe by pressing the inserting hook, then screw in the HySpray disinfectant. Check to make sure the disinfectant is secure to prevent the product leaking. As with any cleaning solution, make sure to wear the correct clothing – we recommend wearing protective gloves when handling the HySpray solution due to its Hydrogen Peroxide concentration.

Define the volume of space to disinfect.

Plug your HySpray disinfectant misting sprayer into a power socket and direct the head towards the area you wish to treat. Once in place, turn the machine on by pressing the ON/OFF button – the display should light up, indicating an initial volume of 50m³ to be disinfected. You can adjust the volume you wish to treat by using the UP and DOWN buttons.

Leave the room and let HySpray get to work.

Once satisfied, press the start button to begin the process. At this point a sound will trigger for 90 seconds, giving you enough time to leave the room and leave the HySpray to do its job. Please wait for the disinfectant misting sprayer to finish before re-entering the room and observe the recommended time for the H202 to disperse, usually around 60 minutes. Once finished, press the ON/OFF button to switch off the machine and make sure to remove the disinfectant product before moving your HySpray. Simple, easy and effective!

If your hunt for hygiene doesn’t stop there, you can check out the rest of our product offering here, where you’ll find everything you need to keep you and your environment sparkling clean, all under one roof – now that’s convenient!

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