A woman cleaning the surfaces of her home with disinfectant wipes

Are disinfectant wipes effective for cleaning my home?

Disinfectant wipes: a convenient and travel-friendly alternative to bulky spray bottles, foams and liquids. Just one swipe and you can clean up any manner of spills and messes, leaving behind nothing but fresh-smelling, bacteria-free surfaces in your wake. They’re perfect for taking with you on the go too, small and compact enough to pop in your car or bag, you’ll be prepped and ready to tackle any grime foolish enough to get in your way. So, undoubtedly, disinfectant wipes are handy little saviours to have in almost every situation – but are they effective for cleaning your home? Yes, absolutely, but not all wipes are equal. Read on for our list of recommended disinfectant wipes, guaranteed to keep your house spick, span and sanitised.

First on our list are the Clinell Universal Wipes. Ideal for keeping your family protected at home, they’re safe for use on surfaces, proven to kill at least 99.999% of pathogens in just 10 seconds, norovirus within one minute and reduce instances of MRSA by 55%. Not only that, Clinell disinfectant wipes are used by NHS hospitals and are the UK’s most trusted single-step detergent and disinfectant, meaning we’re confident they’ll make short work of your home. For another tried and true Clinell favourite, try their Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes. The most effective antibacterial hand wipe available on the market today, they’re proven to kill germs in a little as 10 seconds and continue to work for up to 24 hours after. Formulated with aloe vera, they’re great for keeping delicate skin soft and healthy – but don’t be fooled, they’re not just for your hands, these disinfectant wipes are highly effective for your home, too. And for cleaning on the go? These wipes also come in handy travel packs. Check out our Individually Wrapped Hand Wipes here.

Whilst we’re on the subject of hands, allow us a quick segue to highlight another fantastic product on our list, the Klint Force Cleansing Wipes – while not suitable for cleaning at home, these wipes are perfect for keeping hands germ-free and sanitised at work, whatever your profession. Created with Vitamin E and aloe vera, each of these non-woven wipes is impregnated with a skin-friendly sanitising solution for frequent use. These disinfectant wipes are tough on dirt, kind on skin and the ideal product to reach for when you don’t have access to soap and water – they certainly tick our boxes! But now, back to home cleaning…

Last (but not least) on our list are our Purell Surface Sanitising Wipes. Developed specifically to be used on food-contact surfaces, these ready-to-use disinfectant wipes don’t require rinsing, just swipe and go for crystal clear, residue-free surfaces. The fast-acting antibacterial formula is effective from as little as 30 seconds while the convenient pull container makes multi-task cleaning a doddle and ensures your wipes never dry out or are wasted – saving you time and money! 

If we’ve successfully convinced you that disinfectant wipes are in fact effective for cleaning your home, why not have a look at our full product offering here, where you will find everything you need to keep your home sparkling clean, all under one roof. We have disinfectant wipes in all shapes, sizes and solutions – products to keep you feeling houseproud every day, from Monday to Sunday.

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