Male patient hands using touch free hand sanitiser dispenser for cleaning hand in the hospital.

Is your business missing a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser?

It’s no secret that businesses large and small breathed a collective sigh of relief when lockdown restrictions were eased only a few short months ago. With so many people dependant on their enterprises to make ends meet, the nation’s forced closure in the Spring put many people in an undeniably precarious position. Thankfully, as Britain continues to successfully fight the Coronavirus pandemic and our economy opens up once more, businesses all around the country are asking what they can do to keep their staff, customers and company safe, protected and resuming service. And while we can’t guarantee that government restrictions won’t make a reappearance, as experts in hygiene for over 34 years’ we know how best to prevent infection and illness from invading your workplace. So, is your business missing a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser?

What is a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser?

Perfect for busy commercial environments, touchless dispensers administer hand sanitiser gel without the need for skin contact, reducing the risk of cross-infection and thus the spread of bacteria. You can purchase several different contactless dispensers depending on the needs of your business, we’ve even listed a couple of our favourites below.

Why do I need one?

Alongside preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers are an economical and environmentally-friendly option for your business that require only the repurchase of sanitiser refills. Moreover, each dispenser administers the standardised dose of gel per use, reducing waste compared to sanitiser bottles and pumps. Both easy to clean and install, touch-free dispensers are compact – great for setting up in space-restricted locations.

What dispenser should I buy?

Now that you’ve read some of the benefits a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser can bring your business, you may be wondering what options are out there and which one is best for you – below you’ll find some of our suggested products, all perfect for high traffic environments, from busy offices to bustling shops.

  1. Purell TFX Touch-Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser in metallic has a sleek design and straightforward maintenance and care process. A simple wall-mount installation, its ideal for small spaces, while the large sight window allows for at-a-glance monitoring, so you’ll always know how much sanitiser you have. And if metallic doesn’t suit your decor, this product is also available in white. Not got the wall space? Try this compatible stand.
  2. Purell ES8 Touch Free Sanitising System in graphite grey is a reliable, cost-effective contactless dispenser. The AT-A-GLANCE™ sanitary refills prevent contamination and provide the easiest way to monitor your sanitiser levels – while the refill bottles with removable collar make for quick and easy recycling. This compact and elegant dispenser also comes in white, for when grey just doesn’t cut it.
  3. GOJO TFX Touch-Free Hand Sanitising Dispenser in white comes in multiple colours and finishes – check out this fetching metallic number! This contactless dispensing system uses sanitary sealed refills that lockout germs, while the automated dispenser keeps the surrounding area clean by supplying the perfect amount straight into hands. And, as all the products mentioned so far, the GOJO has a large sight window for easy monitoring so you can rest easy.

And when you run out of sanitiser for your shiny new touch-free dispenser you can find all your refills here – we have an extensive range of high quality sanitising products to keep your business protected, conveniently all in one place. So, is it time you invested in one for your business?

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