Young woman using hand sanitiser on Christmas Day

“Pass the hand sanitiser, please!” How to protect your family during the festive period

With Christmas Day a little over a week away we’re sure you’ll agree that 2020 has been one quick year. And considering the nation spent a good chunk of it in lockdown, we’re genuinely surprised by how fast this year has flown. The end is now in sight and with the vaccination programme officially underway, which should see the entire UK given the BioNTech/Pfizer jab by late next year, 2021 is setting its self up to be a far different year to the one we’ve been trundling through. 

That being said, we’re not out of the woods yet and Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly in some parts of the nation. So rapidly in fact, that the government-granted 5-day Christmas window has been called into question this week, putting everyone’s holiday plans in jeopardy. Whether you believe the Christmas window is a mistake we’re liable to pay for in January or you’re just glad to see the grandmother you’ve not hugged in months, we can all agree that being cautious and going to great lengths to keep everyone safe is a top priority this festive season. That’s why, as we speed towards Christmas Day, we’ll be giving you our top tips on keeping everyone safe and sound during the holidays, however and with whoever you choose to spend it. This week, we’ll be considering some of the best hand sanitisers available to keep you calm and clean in a flash at Christmas.

  1. First up, it’s the Purell Advanced Hygenic Hand Rub. This 500ml pump bottle is perfect for popping by the sink in your kitchen for rapid sanitisation while you’re cooking, handling your Tesco shopping or greeting your (hopefully few) guests. Clinically proven to maintain healthy skin, this moisturising hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria in under 15 seconds, including viruses like COVID-19. No water or towels needed – the perfect product for your home. Oh, and did we mention its safe to use in food-handling environments?
  2. But what if you also want to clean your hands, not just disinfect them? Then Clinell Antimicrobial Spray could be the perfect product for you. Unlike alcohol gel rubs, which only sanitise, this spray cleans and disinfects hands (and surfaces, too) in as little as 10 seconds, eradicating dirt, germs and bacteria – 99.99% in fact. Commonly used in hospitals, care homes and medical environments, there’s no job too big for this little wonder product, making it the ideal alcohol-free addition to your home over the holidays (that’s also safe to use around babies and pets). What more could you want?
  3. Okay, these products are great, but maybe you need something for when you’re on the go? In 2020 no one wants to be stranded without a convenient hand sanitiser gel. We know that better than anyone. Purell’s 100ml Hand Sanitiser Gel is a handy flip-top bottle you can slip in your pocket for instantly clean hands anywhere, anytime. Its 70% alcohol solution kills 99.99% of bacteria, excellent to have in the fight against Coronavirus and, as its often used by hospital staff, you know it does the job properly. This no-rinse hygienic hand rub is choc-full of moisturising ingredients to keep the skin as healthy as possible when using regularly. A staple for the Christmas period, if you ask us.

If you liked this article, why not come back next week where we’ll be talking about the best disinfectant wipes available for keeping you and your loved ones safe and sanitised at Christmas time? And, if you’d like to see what else we have on offer you can check out our entire product range here. We’ve got everything you need to tackle even the most gruelling cleaning job – all under one roof!

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