Purell Mobile Sanitising Station

A Choice of two styles: A flat front facing station or a 3 sided triangular station designed to be stationed in open space to allow easy access from any angle.

Both Stations hold two 500ml pump bottles and one pack of 200 surface wipes. The ideal presentation to protect you, your staff and visitors.

PURELL Branding is the best known hand sanitising product in the UK and used throughout the NHS.

Each station is supplied with Sanitiser and Wipes so is ecellent value for money.

Each kit is complete with:

1 x Stand

12 x Purell 500ml Pump Bottles

12 x Purell 500ml Refill Bottles

3 x 200 Purell Surface Sanitising Wipes

A complete packed to allow full protection for your offices, facilities – Order your Today 0nly £212.50


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